Tech Feed
Preserving rock music history with a little help from AWS

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is preserving rock music history with Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive

Social focus: What you need to know about TikTok

TikTok is the social media playground du jour, but the social app could also be big business for broadcasters

AJA: Simplify your live streaming

Video streaming is becoming an important part of every organisation and business. AJA has devices to make high-quality streaming easy for everyone

Grass Valley’s new cloud production platform

New cloud solution helps Blizzard expand its broadcast offering during Covid-19 lockdown

IBC2020 is cancelled

Organisation announces the show’s cancellation due to Covid-19

Rohde & Schwarz: building a facility for excellence

The future of media storage may be on-premises infrastructures

Meet the super collaborators

We talk with two media innovators working to unite the disciplines of broadcast and cloud

Rohde & Schwarz: Think software, think change

What are the advantages of software-based systems and why should broadcasters consider them?

Taking 5G out of the lab

Through a process of collaboration and experimentation, Sony is helping media companies understand the potential of 5G

Run for your life stream: IRL streaming grows up

RL streaming is booming – it’s becoming a great way for businesses to boost engagement and for people to share common interests

AJA: Simplifying live streaming

Trouble-free, high-quality live streaming requires the right tools. AJA offers solutions for a range of live streaming workflows

Finding the VR mindset: Sky’s Britannia

Head of Sky’s VR team, Kim-Leigh Pontin, reveals the future of virtual reality content and how an immersive experience was built around Sky’s Roman Empire drama, Britannia

Content Focus
Getting kids’ content right

When every platform is desperately competing for eyeballs, how do you put kids’ wellbeing first?

Video at home: the stream dream

Video for children has gotten better during the coronavirus lockdown. Can we keep it up?

AWS provides a scalable cloud solution for VFX

Qumulo harnesses the power of the public cloud to provide easy remote work and rapid scalability to top effects house, Cinesite

Streampunk: Manchester’s fight to preserve nightlife

A new streaming model called United We Stream is doing what it can to save Manchester’s nightlife culture in the wake of Covid-19

Your Take: Developing a green OTT

Watching TV is not a green habit. And online TV is less Earth-friendly than old-school broadcasting. How do we make streaming sustainable?

AWS: How DRM can buy you peace of mind

DRM is the most basic – and maybe the most important – building block for securing content. BuyDRM is helping provide peace of mind for a whole industry

4K 4Charity virtual run 2020 NAB Show

This year, the 2020 NAB Show 4K 4Charity Fun Run is going virtual

Beyond Covid-19

The coronavirus is going to change the media industry – and the world

Webinar: a freelancer playbook for Covid-19

Workers have been hit hard by the coronavirus, especially freelancers. FEED and Soho Media Club hosted an online summit about what can be done

Happening: Clubbing in Soho

FEED visits a new media industry networking event in London

Esports: Life cycle of freaks

We look at the history of Freaks 4U Gaming, an esports agency that has become a media & entertainment success story 

Spellcasters & shoutcasters: esports audio

Esports is becoming big business for audio providers, as well as offering the opportunity for innovative, highly integrated productions

Start-Up Alley
Start-up: MyBuddy.AI, Russia/US, 2017

This month’s start-ups harness the power of AI for improved voice assistant technology, as well as a language tutor for kids

Start-up: Pulse Labs, US, 2017

This month’s start-ups harness the power of AI for improved voice assistant technology, as well as a language tutor for kids

Start-up: M2A Media, UK, 2016

Marcus Box (centre) is the CTO of M2A Media

Start-up: Brand Advance, UK, 2017

Christopher Kenna (centre) was inspired by his personal experiences to launch a diversity-driven media platform

Start-up: Zencastr, USA, 2015

Zencastr helps podcasters avoid bad sound quality for their remote guest speakers

Start-up: Lux Machina, US, 2013

This month’s issue looks at a company pioneering flexible LED backdrops as an alternative to VFX

Start-up: Autheos, the Netherlands, 2016

When Christina Caljé joined Autheos as a founder, the company offered a content management platform that helped firms publish video on e-commerce sites

Start-up: Newsadoo, Austria, 2017

As a publisher of business magazine Die Macher (The Makers) David Böhm is keenly aware of the challenges facing the news industry

Start-up:, UK, 2014/2017

As a teen entrepreneur and self-taught web and streaming developer, James Mulvany was drawing a full-time income from his first start-up before he’d even finished secondary school

Start-up: Antourage, Sweden, 2015

Antourage aims to enable football clubs or leagues who own video channels to manage and authorise who can stream, and to where

Start-up: Media Distillery, the Netherlands, 2014

Media Distillery offers a suite of AI-based products to help with search, recommendations, a better UI and easier monetisation

Start-up: Zappar, UK, 2011

Zappar develops interactive packaging and promotional materials to engage consumers in a new way

Genius Interviews
Renard Jenkins: I want to see it grow into an interwoven content universe

Renard Jenkins has had a formidable career in broadcast technology. From CNN to PBS, and now WarnerMedia, he has helped build world-class infrastructures for world-class TV brands. We talk to him about his career, new possibilities in the cloud and his vision for a better media industry

Lauren Klein: There’s no such thing as raw data

Lauren Klein is an associate professor in the departments of English and Quantitative Theory & Methods at Emory University. We talk to her about the deceptive nature of data, how numbers aren’t neutral and about her new book Data Feminism, co-written with MIT’s Catherine D’Ignazio

Bex Smith: There have to be role models

After a long career in football, including captaining the New Zealand national team, Rebecca “Bee” Smith is now working to bring women’s Football to the world at online football destination COPA90

Gaël Seydoux: I believe we’re no longer a physical entity

Gaël Seyoux leads the InterDigital Research and Innovation team responsible for immersive technologies. Here he talks to FEED about how to stay connected to the real world while a vast, confusing world grows around us

Stuart Almond: Technology should always be used to help us be more human

Stuart Almond is Sony’s head of Intelligent Media Services and one of the Sony Professional Solutions’ most public faces. He talks to FEED about the astounding rate of change in the media technology industry and the importance of putting people before tech

Martin Boudot: I investigate environmental issues that are linked to our way of consuming

Martin Boudot is a French investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Recently, he teamed up with director of photography Mathias Denizo for Paraguay: Poisoned Fields

Andrea Barrica: Our mission is to create the most trusted sexuality brand in the world

Andrea Barrica is founder of sexual health site – and people just can’t get enough

Erika Lust: I decided to create an alternative porn and an adult cinema that reflected my values

Erika Lust is an icon of feminist porn filmmaking, she makes the films she would like to watch herself – but in a world of mass piracy, her artisanal approach

Camilla Young, Vualto: No one’s watching proper telly, so I think we are in the right business

Vualto provides video on-demand services for big broadcasters and big government. FEED talks to company co-founder Camilla Young about the history of streaming, VOD developments and getting more girls into IT 

Dr Taha Yasseri, Oxford Internet Institute: We can have value judgement only when we are completely isolated from social information

Dr Taha Yasseri from the Oxford Internet Institute discusses the influencer economy and how ‘group think’ affects us more than we like to admit

Geert Lovink, Institute of Network Cultures: “The more arrogant they are, the more they speed up their own demise”

Geert Lovink is a Dutch activist and writer on digital technologies. His Sad by Design book is a collection of essays on the evolving – or devolving – state of our digital reality

Sabina Hemmi, Elo Entertainment: “When I see data I just see opportunity”

Sabina Hemmi is co-founder and CEO of Elo Entertainment, the company behind gaming data sites Dotabuff, Overbuff, Fortbuff, Artibuff and Trackdota. She talks to FEED about being a tech entrepreneur, the beauty of data and negotiating sexism in the games industry