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Connecting With the Cloud

Cloud is becoming a viable and reliable path for live broadcast.

A Video Compression Primer

Video compression can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We step back to get an overview of the most essential element in digital video distribution.

On Par with SSAI

J-Stream used AWS Elemental MediaTailor to create a server side ad insertion workflow for a live stream during the Augusta Golf Tournament.

Frankly, Cloud is the Future

Frankly Media is using AWS Elemental to create an entire channel management system in the cloud.

Detecting the Pirates

Friend MTS is using AWS cloud services not only to identify pirated content, but also to track down the subscribers responsible.

TV Steps Up to the Cloud

Arqiva is turning to the cloud to offer new services for a multi-platform, multi-device world.

Spuul Chooses Tools in the Cloud

OTT video is becoming an increasingly viable mode of content delivery, allowing niche players from regional broadcasters to businesses to deliver content in a more targeted way.

Lost in music

Germany’s Rock am Ring festival proved a key testing ground for the Magenta Musik 360 app for livestreaming VR. Despite the transformation of the music industry from physical discs to

F is for F* off to fake news

An EU co-funded project has developed tools to check the factuality of user-generated content, social media posts and online video. They’re already being used by newsrooms worldwide to fight back

Keeping the pirates at bay

It’s predicted that $52 billion in revenue will be lost to content piracy by the year 2022. The solution isn’t just technology – it’s also education and more user-friendly services

Deep Fakes: The end of face value

Artificial intelligence can now be used to create seamless fake footage of people from President Obama to major movie stars to…well, you Two years ago, a professor at the Technical

O 4K, wherefore art thou?

In media technology it’s often only the latest innovations that generate headlines – the status quo is far less newsworthy. So, we should be treating the summer’s excitement around 4K

Content Focus
Wide Cloud of Sports

The increasing global demand for immersive sports content can only be met by the cloud.

Getting the Drift of Cloud

Milk VFX used cloud rendering services from AWS to create some awesome water effects for the survival thriller Adrift.

Live Streaming Shakespeare

Ravensbourne University streamed performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company to schools all around the UK using cloud-based tools.

Something New at the Royal Wedding

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was the platform for Sky’s trial of a new AI-driven app for identifying guests.

Lost in music

Germany’s Rock am Ring festival proved a key testing ground for the Magenta Musik 360 app for livestreaming VR. Despite the transformation of the music industry from physical discs to

Esports production: Shooting the shooters

This year’s H1Z1 tournament gave broadcast production teams the chance to throw down in a new sector For some, game streaming conjures up images of someone crouched in front of

VR springs into fashion

VFX powerhouse Digital Domain has partnered with the British Fashion Council to place the consumer right at the centre of some of the world’s biggest fashion events. Renowned for modelling

All at sea – but virtually under control

The challenges of streaming VR from off the California coast Known as “the grandfather of modern match racing”, the Congressional Cup attracts leading sailors from around the world. This year’s

Queen of the cutting edge

Director Jannicke Mikkelsen is breaking records in her career as one of the world’s top VR filmmakers I had been interested in 3D ever since I was 12 years old.

School of screens

Students have come to expect innovative technology in their learning spaces, but to be effective, tools like video streaming must offer engaging material that adds an extra dimension to lessons

Dalton Combs, Boundless Mind: “The war over attention is only going to intensify”

Boundless Mind co-founders Dr. T. Dalton Combs and Ramsay Brown know how your brain works. Their company (previously Dopamine Labs) has created an artificial intelligence platform that helps apps, games and interfaces

Feeling Groovy about live streaming

Whether it be for marketing purposes, as a supplement to traditional broadcasting, to increase access to live events or for fun among a private group, live video streaming is adding