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Virtual sets get real

There is an explosion of virtual set technologies. Once reserved for top-tier broadcasters, video magic is now becoming available to anyone

Your robot is a racist

Machine learning is only as smart as the humans training it. Given human fallibility, what does our AI-augmented future look like?

Weavr Consortium make esports a dream

Weavr Consortium is a UK-funded project using data and AI to make esports a fully immersive experience.

Dalet: the art of data

Dalet is using data to create better experiences for viewers – and helping viewers create better experiences for themselves

Defining the future with SDVS (Software Defined Visual Storytelling)

Software-defined visual storytelling promises a content creation world of greater flexibility and service to customers

Cloud-based editing enables ‘edit & roam’

Forbidden Technologies was doing cloud-based video editing before most companies thought it was possible. The company’s new incarnation, Blackbird, aims to takes its pioneering technology mainstream

AI in broadcast: Destination transformation

The potential for AI to revolutionise broadcasters’ real-time production and use of archive materials is only starting to become clear. Dalet’s new AI solution is delivering new flexibility and efficiency to those workflows

Fighting the silent war on video piracy

Video piracy is predicted to cost $52bn in lost revenue by 2022. Content creators and technology providers need to fight more effectively than ever before Words by David Davies In

Saving nature: the storage solution behind 4K demands of Our Planet and Dynasties

Films at 59 recently switched its storage system to address the rising demand for 4K natural history programmes Bristol, UK, known by British millennials as the backdrop for angsty teen

Raising the IQ of Sports Production

Mobile Viewpoint’s AI-driven production solution makes broadcasting possible for any sport, anywhere.

Studio in a Bag is chromakey for the masses

DropKey’s Studio in a Bag is a new green screen/chromakey solution that aims to turn your iPhone into a complete TV studio

Feel the burn: Are OLEDs fading away?

As LG OLED TV slows and reports surface of screen burn on in-store display models, we investigate this pesky phenomenon and if a solution can be found

Content Focus
Winning the AD space race

Advertising is one of the most rapidly developing parts of the digital media ecosystem. This month, we ask our experts to help us understand the opportunities for advertising in this new environment and what it might look like in the future

The great robot war: which side will you be on?

As artificial intelligence becomes ever more sophisticated, should we be scared of the inevitable changes… or optimistic?

AI and football make a beautiful game

The IBM Player can help sports teams improve, enhancing the viewer experience through added content. We find out how it all began

What happens to trade shows in a zero carbon world?

The next decade is going to require a rapid decarbonisation of the global economy, so what’s the future of industry networking?

Interactive video

Wirewax describes itself as a creative video technology, which manifests itself primarily as an interactive video studio where its customers can upload videos and use its computer technology – which understands those videos – to make them interactive via creative layers.

Synthesia: deep fakes get respectable

A new start-up is aiming to put AI-driven video production into the hands of creators

Fake followers and rotten reviews

Buying likes and followers has become a common strategy for boosting social media accounts. Is it time to get honest about the influencer inflation?

Polish football enters a new era with Transmisjelive

Transmisjelive is working to bring Polish football to the masses with its livestreamed content

Ultimate streaming

Whether you call it a ‘Frisbee’ or a ‘disc’, ultimate is moving out of its counterculture roots and into the sports mainstream. The AUDL, ultimate’s governing body for North America, is using video streaming to reach new fans

Access to success

Discover how the VFX community has created a multifaceted resource for training the next generation of digital artists

Going the distance

Innovative solutions from Dejero allowed Next Up Digital to deliver a robust live stream of the latest Ironman Australia race using 4G mobile networks

High-efficiency education

Digital learning company Cengage is using AWS tools to deliver the highest quality educational video to students, no matter which device they’re using

Start-Up Alley
Start-up: Soundwhale, USA, 2017

 Ameen Abdulla is the CEO and founder of Soundwhale, a creative platform that allows users to control their mix for videos

Start-up: Rippla, UK, 2017

Rippla’s aim is to bring concert streaming away from computers and mobile phones and back into the venues.

Start-up: PromoMii, Denmark, 2016

Danish-born, London-based Michael Moss had identified was a need in the market for an AI-driven media-editing tool that analyses existing content and cuts it down into teasers for show promotion, which could be personalised according to user preferences. 

Start-up: Jump, Spain, 2019

In Start-up Alley, we take a look at an  machine learning algorithms for OTTs

Start-up: One Hamsa, Israel, 2016

The Hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolising happiness, luck, health and good fortune. In Hebrew, it also represents the number five. So, for five Israeli developers looking to stake their claim in the VR gaming market, the name is appropriate.

Start-up: Artomatix, Ireland, 2014

Creative AI is a field that has underpinned Eric Risser’s entire career, he believes his start-up, Artomatix, can solve some of the pain points in industries using 3D-generated graphics.

Start-up: Axonista, Ireland, 2010

At the grand old age of nine, Axonista is more of a scale-up than a start-up, but it’s still a significant presence in Dublin’s tech scene. 

Start-up: Zender, Belgium, 2018

Hendrik Dacquin has always been interested in the interaction of broadcasting, interactive media and gaming – it’s a confluence he’s been circling for most of his career.

Start-up: Orbie, Greece, 2018

Athens-based start-up Orbie has created a news aggregator that pulls content from websites and collates it into one automated video stream for publication on smart TVs, VR, mobile and in-car entertainment systems

Start-up: Melodrive, Germany, 2017

Two years on from raising a seed-funding round to develop its AI-powered generative music technology, Melodrive is revising both its business strategy and product offering.

Start-up: Amper Music, US, 2014

Face the music: Drew Silverstein is the co-founder of Amper Music, an AI that composes, produces and performs music

Start-up: MXX, UK, 2015

In this month’s Start-up Alley, we look at music start-ups using AI and sophisticated software development to help video creators produce innovative soundtracks.

Genius Interviews
Dr Taha Yasseri, Oxford Internet Institute “We can have value judgement only when we are completely isolated from social information”

FEED talks to Dr Taha Yasseri from the Oxford Internet Institute about the influencer economy and how ‘group think’ affects us more than we like to admit

Geert Lovink, Institute of Network Cultures “The more arrogant they are, the more they speed up their own demise”

Geert Lovink is a Dutch activist and writer on digital technologies, as well as founder of think tank Institute of Network Cultures.

Sabina Hemmi, Elo Entertainment: “When I see data I just see opportunity”

Sabina Hemmi is co-founder and CEO of Elo Entertainment, the company behind gaming data sites Dotabuff, Overbuff, Fortbuff, Artibuff and Trackdota. She talks to FEED about being a tech entrepreneur, the beauty of data and negotiating sexism in the games industry 

Greg Gilderman & Kevin Hayes, The Weather Company: “One thing I’ve learned covering climate change is that it’s not a far-off problem”

The Weather Company’s editor in chief and global head of video, Greg Gilderman, and executive editor of, Kevin Hayes, on providing climate information through video, podcasting and raw data

Nicola Mazzanti, Cinematek: “The sales of 1% must pay for 100% of the collection. The problem is, you never know which 1%”

We continue the exploration of our round table content management scenario with an in-depth analysis from one of the world’s top film archivists.

Brian Scheil, Entertainment Services LA: “A lot of opportunities have come along from knowing this technology”

Brian Scheil’s production company started during the early days of streaming. A firm believer in LiveU streaming technology, he is now called on to stream live content in high-profile and data-challenged environments

Nonny de la Peña, Emblematic: “It’s going to be up to us to educate people before they push that share button”

Nonny de la Peña has been called the ‘godmother of VR’. She talks to FEED about the power of VR to transmit real life experiences and ways of making VR creation more accessible

Stephen McConnachie, BFI: “The aim of a public archive is to be permanent and to persist through time”

Stephen McConnachie, BFI’s head of data and digital preservation, talks to FEED about building an archive, open source formats and digitising 100,000 titles in five years

Dr Florian Block, Digital Creativity Labs: “For us, esports is also an incredible space for experimentation”

Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York is a centre for studying the impact and possibilities of the rapidly growing genre of esports. Dr Florian Block leads the team and believes esports can unlock a whole new world of data analytics and content production

Aaron Matthews, Bafta: “The principle impact we have is via the content we make”

FEED talks to Aaron Matthews, Bafta’s head of industry sustainability, about saving the planet through the Albert Consortium, one episode at a time

David Ross, Ross Video: “I Don’t Like Being Bored.”

Tech companies rise and fall, but Ross Video has been a steady presence in the broadcast industry for decades. We talk to CEO David Ross about how his company has gone from strength to strength in a famously fickle business.

Barbara Lange, SMPTE: “Standards Are The Baseline That Industry Can Grow On Top Of.”

Entering its second century, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) had adapted to an all-digital world. SMPTE executive director Barbara Lange is leading the industry’s most venerable standards body into the brave new world.