Tech Feed
Break On Through To The VR Side

A new VR start-up says the medium should stimulate, not simulate, and is creating experiences designed to blow your mind.

Queen of the Cutting Edge

Director Jannicke Mikkelsen is breaking records in her career as one of the world’s top VR filmmakers

Block(chain) Party

Tom Bollich, CTO of MadHive, says OTT advertising needs a rethink. Could blockchain technology be the solution?

Inside London’s YouTube Space

Technology manager for the YouTube Spaces in EMEA, Chris Lock gives us a tour of Google’s versatile new incubator for online talent.

Sold on SSAI

The great benefit of targeted advertising is the ability to offer the viewer something that is going to be attuned to his or her interests. Cloud-based technologies are enabling better

Connecting With the Cloud

Cloud is becoming a viable and reliable path for live broadcast.

A Video Compression Primer

Video compression can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We step back to get an overview of the most essential element in digital video distribution.

On Par with SSAI

J-Stream used AWS Elemental MediaTailor to create a server side ad insertion workflow for a live stream during the Augusta Golf Tournament.

Frankly, Cloud is the Future

Frankly Media is using AWS Elemental to create an entire channel management system in the cloud.

Detecting the Pirates

Friend MTS is using AWS cloud services not only to identify pirated content, but also to track down the subscribers responsible.

TV Steps Up to the Cloud

Arqiva is turning to the cloud to offer new services for a multi-platform, multi-device world.

Spuul Chooses Tools in the Cloud

OTT video is becoming an increasingly viable mode of content delivery, allowing niche players from regional broadcasters to businesses to deliver content in a more targeted way.

Content Focus
Video at the Museum

London-based Chocolate Films is using its long experience in museums to serve an exploding video market in the heritage and culture sector


Cinamaker is an app-based streaming solution for live mobile video. Released last year, Cinamaker allows users to record and edit multi-camera live streaming via iOS or Android device. 

Finding A New Route For Filmmakers

Social media might be filled with auteurs – but where are the filmmakers?

Raising the Mary Rose

The Mary Rose sank 500 years ago. Students at University of Portsmouth made it sail again

Streaming Enables an Impromptu Education

Streaming video is giving students all over Poland access to the best musical education in the country.

School of Screens

Students have come to expect innovative technology in their learning spaces, but to be effective, tools like video streaming must offer engaging material that adds an extra dimension to lessons.

Something to Prove

Students at a California public high school are getting a education that rivals the best media schools in the world – and they’re not alone.

Into The 5th Dimension

Heather McLean talks with the experts about the connectivity revolution just around the corner.

Pro Streaming for Juniors

Pontus Eklöf, COO of LiveArena, was quick to realise the potential of the Internet as a means of distribution. He used this headstart to  carve a unique niche in youth sportscasting across the Nordics.

Case Study: Stream AMG Delivers Championship Football

StreamAMG takes charge of the live web streaming for a string of European soccer clubs.

Tips for Live Social Streaming

The functionality of live social platforms has enabled brands to move away from live videos delivered by smartphone to professionally produced multi-camera interactive streams. 

Feeling Groovy

It takes more than a camera and an Internet connection to create a successful live-streaming production.