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Saving nature: the storage solution behind 4K demands of Our Planet and Dynasties

Films at 59 recently switched its storage system to address the rising demand for 4K natural history programmes Bristol, UK, known by British millennials as the backdrop for angsty teen

Raising the IQ of Sports Production

Mobile Viewpoint’s AI-driven production solution makes broadcasting possible for any sport, anywhere.

Studio in a Bag is chromakey for the masses

DropKey’s Studio in a Bag is a new green screen/chromakey solution that aims to turn your iPhone into a complete TV studio

Feel the burn: Are OLEDs fading away?

As LG OLED TV slows and reports surface of screen burn on in-store display models, we investigate this pesky phenomenon and if a solution can be found

Wild about clipping with Wildmoka

We look at how live editing platform, Wildmoka, uses the cloud and AI to design powerful solutions for creating and publishing clips across digital platforms

Now you see me, now you… still see me: the challenges of IRL streaming

Aria Inthavong streamed his life for one week straight, but this encounter with digital tech made for a more emotional experience than he bargained for

A rex named Sue

Atlantic Production is an innovator in natural history documentaries. Its most recent brings the world’s biggest Tyrannosaurus rex to life

Attack of the Things: is your IOT gear safe?

As gear joins the internet of things, our networks become more vulnerable. That new IP-enabled camera might be an open invitation for hackers

Backseat driver

Autonomous, connected cars are a hugely untapped market for content – and data. Will car manufacturers beat Silicon Valley in the race to the in-car video ecosystem?

Finding A Way To HDR

UHD has helped push the boundaries of the user experience, but immersive viewing is about far more than high spatial resolution.

Declutter your data

Just because you have lots of data, doesn’t mean you have lots of insight. Datazoom’s Diane Strutner offers tips for cutting through your video analytics fog

Haptics at the Hermitage

An exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum in Russia shows off the future of 5G and VR

Content Focus
The drive for top storage: today’s professional backup options

Selecting the right storage technology still comes down to careful deliberation and considered business strategy Internet video distribution has long since beaten the technical quality of broadcast TV. The network

More than a pose

Online yoga destination Glo uses AWS to distribute its classes worldwide Glo is a subscription-based yoga studio in Santa Monica, California and offers an online video library of more than

Feeding the faithful: the Christian churches broadcasting their services

How are two Christian churches using the latest broadcast tech to unite their congregations and extend their reach?

Filming natural history in New Zealand

New Zealand’s natural history filmmaking goes well beyond the world of ents and oliphaunts. Its nature documentary legacy is world-renowned and award-winning

Broadcast battlefield: NEP and Gfinity talk Call of Duty World League broadcast

FEED talks to NEP and Gfinity about producing and supporting the live broadcast of the Call of Duty World League qualifiers  Last month, live broadcast veterans NEP combined forces with

Dirt Vision livestreams the fast, furious & filthy

World Racing Group’s streaming channel Dirt Vision is racing ahead with an ambitious live broadcast schedule

Sonic boom: the audio gear shaping the future of podcasting

Podcasts are on the rise, with commercial revenues also booming. In response, audio companies are offering recording solutions that promise to make podcasting the number one choice for listeners everywhere

Broadcaster to podcaster: the rise of the podcast in mainstream media

Podcasting has become a mainstream content platform. No longer just for niche interests and tech geekery, podcasting is now embraced by major broadcasters and publishers

Who to trust? Skepticism doesn’t stop our online news hunger

A recent EBU report said broadcast is Europe’s most trusted news source. But trust doesn’t mean what it used to

Why Tangent Studios rendered Next Gen in the cloud

Tangent Studios harnessed the power of cloud rendering to tackle the size and scope of animated feature, Next Gen

iSportsAnalysis keeps its eye on the ball with AWS

iSportsAnalysis has moved to AWS cloud services to make tagging and analysis of sports easy for everyone, from school teams to pro

Remote editing is here

Editing and collaborating from anywhere with anyone? Yes! We learned more at Dalet Pulse, which kick-started its worldwide tour in London

Start-Up Alley
Start-up: PlayGiga, Spain, 2013

Based on a mix of deep tech and content curation, PlayGiga’s cloud-based ‘Netflix for gaming’ service is set to disrupt the video gaming industry

Start-up: Videntifier, Iceland, 2007

Founders of Videntifier, Herwig Lejsek and Friðrik Ásmundsson, developed their software over a decade ago, in collaboration with Reykjavík University

Start-up: Pixseller, UK, 2017

For Dr Sepi Chakaveh, a data science lecturer at the University of Oxford, Pixsellar is an accumulation of all her web streaming and AI research, compressed into a handful of technologies

Start-up: Glue, Finland, 2014

Glue aims to improve conference calls by using VR avatars to represent body language and non-verbal communication

Start-up: On Rewind, France, 2015

Back in 2013, Biarritz-based skate fans Romain Violleau and Rémi Chasles found themselves frustrated by what a fiddly task it was to isolate and share YouTube moments of their favourite skateboarders performing tricks.

Start-up: iKast, France, 2018

iKast uses blockchain to offer an independent rights management marketplace, complete with verification.

Start-up: Showtag, Norway, 2016

The idea for Showtag came to founder Ewald Bos almost eight years ago as he attempted to track down a pair of sunglasses that a character had worn in the

Start-up: StringersHub, Belarus, 2015

Belarus is now home to more than a hundred tech start-ups, which were galvanised recently by a decree from the country’s five-term President, Alexander Lukashenko, who promised its IT industry

Start-up: Choicely, Finland, 2015

Frustrated with the number of steps he needed to take to use an online TV voting app, Kaius Meskanen started to sketch more user-friendly screens while he was waiting for a connecting flight out of Istanbul airport.

Start-up: Metaliquid, Italy, 2016

Milan-based Metaliquid was spun out of Italian consultancy Metreta, which collects data by combining IT deep learning with artificial intelligence across a number of different markets.

Start-up: Culture Genesis, USA, 2018

From the SoCal coast, a new kind of company has emerged that fuses content creation with app development and live video streaming.

Start-up: Sceenic, Israel, 2016

Paul Bojarski came up with the basic principles for co-viewing technology, Watch Together, while heading up MTV’s ad operations in Buenos Aires. 

Genius Interviews
Nicola Mazzanti, Cinematek: “The sales of 1% must pay for 100% of the collection. The problem is, you never know which 1%”

We continue the exploration of our round table content management scenario with an in-depth analysis from one of the world’s top film archivists.

Brian Scheil, Entertainment Services LA: “A lot of opportunities have come along from knowing this technology”

Brian Scheil’s production company started during the early days of streaming. A firm believer in LiveU streaming technology, he is now called on to stream live content in high-profile and data-challenged environments

Nonny de la Peña, Emblematic: “It’s going to be up to us to educate people before they push that share button”

Nonny de la Peña has been called the ‘godmother of VR’. She talks to FEED about the power of VR to transmit real life experiences and ways of making VR creation more accessible

Stephen McConnachie, BFI: “The aim of a public archive is to be permanent and to persist through time”

Stephen McConnachie, BFI’s head of data and digital preservation, talks to FEED about building an archive, open source formats and digitising 100,000 titles in five years

Dr Florian Block, Digital Creativity Labs: “For us, esports is also an incredible space for experimentation”

Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York is a centre for studying the impact and possibilities of the rapidly growing genre of esports. Dr Florian Block leads the team and believes esports can unlock a whole new world of data analytics and content production

Aaron Matthews, Bafta: “The principle impact we have is via the content we make”

FEED talks to Aaron Matthews, Bafta’s head of industry sustainability, about saving the planet through the Albert Consortium, one episode at a time

David Ross, Ross Video: “I Don’t Like Being Bored.”

Tech companies rise and fall, but Ross Video has been a steady presence in the broadcast industry for decades. We talk to CEO David Ross about how his company has gone from strength to strength in a famously fickle business.

Barbara Lange, SMPTE: “Standards Are The Baseline That Industry Can Grow On Top Of.”

Entering its second century, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) had adapted to an all-digital world. SMPTE executive director Barbara Lange is leading the industry’s most venerable standards body into the brave new world.

Dalton Combs, Boundless Mind: “The War Over Attention is Only Going to Intensify”

Boundless Mind co-founders Dr. Dalton Combs and Ramsay Brown know how your brain works. Their company (previously Dopamine Labs) has created an artificial intelligence platform that helps apps, games and interfaces to

Richard Berger, MovieLabs: “Developing Cross-Studio Best Practices”

This month we talk with Richard Berger, the new CEO of MovieLabs.

Richard Mills, Imaginary Pictures: “Things that were gimmicks a couple of years ago have become useful”

Richard Mills has worked at the forefront of new imaging technologies for years. He is now focusing his expertise on capture for augmented and virtual reality, and the applications seem endless.

George Osborn, Games4EU: “I Became A Political Animal After The Brexit Vote”

In these turbulent times, politics isn’t just for politicians. George Osborn (not to be confused with the former UK Chancellor) tells us why Brexit is such a big issue for