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Fighting biased robots

Professor Noel Sharkey, an expert in the field of AI, has urged the UK government to ban the use of all decision algorithms that impact on people’s lives

Adobe puts mobile centre stage

At its Adobe MAX event, the creative software giant looked to a mobile-first, influencer-driven future

What you hear is what you get

Sonic Presence has developed a recording solution that gives creatives a point-and-shoot way to capture immersive, spatial audio

Immotion has announced VR installations with the London Eye

Immotion has announced it has signed contracts in the past week with the London Eye, a further four aquariums and with its first European zoo partner

Open up to API

Cloud, plus a good API, is going to change the way you produce and deliver content 

Microservices: everything as a code

Cloud microservices promise to change how we do broadcasting. How far along the journey are we?

Rendering space

Griffith Observatory finds a rendering solution in AWS Thinkbox for its latest Planetarium show, Signs of Life

Discovering a new level of media production flexibility

Sony’s Intelligent Media Services and cloud platform are enabling more and more broadcasters and sports associations to optimise the power of their productions

Intelligent AI

We stand on the cusp of an AI revolution. But whose side will the winners be on?

Move over for BitMovio

BitMovio is a new experiment in blockchain-enabled, gamified viewing. Stand aside AVOD and SVOD, here comes game-VOD

Feeling good about TV again

With the proliferation of streaming video services, watching TV is starting to become a chore. Reelgood has a solution

Lotte Louise de Jong: art, sex – and AI

Lotte Louise de Jong’s art experiment exposed AI to adult content – with some surprising results

Content Focus
Teeny-tiny tough storage

Microsoft and Warner Bros have collaborated to successfully store and retrieve the 1978 Superman movie on a piece of quartz glass that is roughly the size of a drinks coaster

Employees prefer video learning

Fortuitously timed to coincide with FEED’s enterprise video special, Kaltura has published its survey of how companies are approaching video 

Overcoming ad aversion

Audiences are willing to watch advertising, but you have to choose your moment

Sports Pro Summit puts fans first

Last year’s SportsPro OTT Summit in Madrid said improving the fan relationship is the top goal

Defenders of democracy

FEED attended last year’s Rory Peck Awards where journalists risking it all for the truth are honoured – and remembered

Running on air

Sunset+Vine delivered a comprehensive host broadcast solution for Kipchoge’s 1hr 59min 40sec marathon

Watch this office space

This month, a (hypothetical) space technology company we’re calling “Tuskie Works” asks our experts how to create an internal video channel and use video to boost morale, productivity and even loyalty

Freedom of e-speech: The blitzchung controversy

Blizzard raised the ire of esports fans when it banned a player for political protest. When sports become inseparable from intellectual property, what place is there for free speech?

VizrTV: Tech vendor turns broadcaster

When a high-end video technology company decided it needed a corporate comms solution, it decided to put its own tools to the test

It’s showtime in the boardroom

Corporations are putting video at the centre of their internal communications and the tools to do it are becoming easier to use and access

Cloud becomes a broadcast celebrity

Australian broadcaster Network 10 is using cloud services to make its live video transport more efficient and cost-effective

Slow down and play

We look at bringing digital video to the world of board games, tabletops and tokens with Shut Up & Sit Down founder, Matt Lees

Start-Up Alley
Start-up: Zappar, UK, 2011

Zappar develops interactive packaging and promotional materials to engage consumers in a new way

Start-up: Didja, USA, 2016

Didja started life as a mobile app that allowed users to clip the best stuff on TV, but the VCs who invested in the company were after a stronger idea to realise the potential of the platform they had invested in

Start-up: Cut2It, USA, 2010

One of the rising stars at last year’s NAB trade show: a virtual clipping company which hails from the education sector

Start up: Keho Interactive, Finland, 2016

Motion capture: Technology previously associated with big-budget movies is migrating to esports

Start-up: Nexd, Estonia/UK, 2015

GAME THEORY: NexD has had enviable success for blue-chip companies such as Samsung, Adidas and Nissan

Start-up: HoloMe, UK, 2017

HoloMe is a London Bridge-based start-up that Amstutz founded in 2017, producing AR software for creators and brands that allows people to exist in hologram-like form

Start-up: Streamix, Italy, 2017

Streamix is a multi-camera live streaming and cloud-based video mixing application for smartphones for people without high-level production skills or big budgets

Start-up: Holographics, Netherlands, 2019

Holographics is a start-up that evolved out of the Amsterdam-based video production firm, Stream My Event

Start-up: Soundwhale, USA, 2017

 Ameen Abdulla is the CEO and founder of Soundwhale, a creative platform that allows users to control their mix for videos

Start-up: Rippla, UK, 2017

Rippla’s aim is to bring concert streaming away from computers and mobile phones and back into the venues

Start-up: PromoMii, Denmark, 2016

Danish-born, London-based Michael Moss had identified was a need in the market for an AI-driven media-editing tool that analyses existing content and cuts it down into teasers for show promotion, which could be personalised according to user preferences. 

Start-up: Jump, Spain, 2019

In Start-up Alley, we take a look at an  machine learning algorithms for OTTs

Genius Interviews
Martin Boudot, I investigate environmental issues that are linked to our way of consuming

Martin Boudot is a French investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Recently, he teamed up with director of photography Mathias Denizo for Paraguay: Poisoned Fields

Andrea Barrica, Our mission is to create the most trusted sexuality brand in the world

Andrea Barrica is founder of sexual health site – and people just can’t get enough

Erika Lust: I decided to create an alternative porn and an adult cinema that reflected my values

Erika Lust is an icon of feminist porn filmmaking, she makes the films she would like to watch herself – but in a world of mass piracy, her artisanal approach

Camilla Young, Vualto: “No one’s watching proper telly, so I think we are in the right business”

Vualto provides video on-demand services for big broadcasters and big government. FEED talks to company co-founder Camilla Young about the history of streaming, VOD developments and getting more girls into IT 

Dr Taha Yasseri, Oxford Internet Institute: “We can have value judgement only when we are completely isolated from social information”

Dr Taha Yasseri from the Oxford Internet Institute discusses the influencer economy and how ‘group think’ affects us more than we like to admit

Geert Lovink, Institute of Network Cultures: “The more arrogant they are, the more they speed up their own demise”

Geert Lovink is a Dutch activist and writer on digital technologies. His Sad by Design book is a collection of essays on the evolving – or devolving – state of our digital reality

Sabina Hemmi, Elo Entertainment: “When I see data I just see opportunity”

Sabina Hemmi is co-founder and CEO of Elo Entertainment, the company behind gaming data sites Dotabuff, Overbuff, Fortbuff, Artibuff and Trackdota. She talks to FEED about being a tech entrepreneur, the beauty of data and negotiating sexism in the games industry 

Greg Gilderman & Kevin Hayes, The Weather Company: “One thing I’ve learned covering climate change is that it’s not a far-off problem”

The Weather Company’s editor in chief and global head of video, Greg Gilderman, and executive editor of, Kevin Hayes, on providing climate information through video, podcasting and raw data

Nicola Mazzanti, Cinematek: “The sales of 1% must pay for 100% of the collection. The problem is, you never know which 1%”

We continue the exploration of our round table content management scenario with an in-depth analysis from one of the world’s top film archivists.

Brian Scheil, Entertainment Services LA: “A lot of opportunities have come along from knowing this technology”

Brian Scheil’s production company started during the early days of streaming. A firm believer in LiveU streaming technology, he is now called on to stream live content in high-profile and data-challenged environments

Nonny de la Peña, Emblematic: “It’s going to be up to us to educate people before they push that share button”

Nonny de la Peña has been called the ‘godmother of VR’. She talks to FEED about the power of VR to transmit real life experiences and ways of making VR creation more accessible

Stephen McConnachie, BFI: “The aim of a public archive is to be permanent and to persist through time”

Stephen McConnachie, BFI’s head of data and digital preservation, talks to FEED about building an archive, open source formats and digitising 100,000 titles in five years