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Matrox Video Technology Elevates U2 at Sphere

Vertigo in Las Vegas

Matrox Video’s groundbreaking technology is powering unprecedented 4K video output at Sphere during U2’s historic residency, on the world’s largest LED screen

Matrox® Video, a leading technology innovator, has been selected by Fuse Technical Group to power 4K video output for the groundbreaking Sphere venue in Las Vegas during U2’s first-ever residency.

Matrox Video’s cutting-edge technology facilitates SMPTE ST 2110 routing, orchestration, conversion, and control, delivering an unmatched visual experience on the world’s largest and highest-resolution LED screen.

The interior of Sphere boasts a colossal 160,000-square-foot, 16K wraparound LED canvas, featuring 256 million rendered pixels.

With U2’s “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live” residency pushing the boundaries of live entertainment, Fuse Technical Group faced the challenge of delivering a 100% reliable video playback system capable of handling 16K resolution and live input augmentation across 16K — all over an IP-based SMPTE ST 2110 backbone.

Matrox Video’s IP video products played a crucial role in realising Fuse’s vision for the workflow, ensuring a seamless and reliable solution within the tight timeframe.

Key components of the technology deployment include:

  1. Matrox ConvertIP for SMPTE ST 2110 Conversion: Fuse utilised 23 Matrox ConvertIP DSS dual-channel SFP SDI-to-IP devices to convert high-resolution SDI from the media servers into SMPTE ST 2110, delivering content to the IP video backbone for display on the LED screen. The ConvertIP’s 12G SDI and 4K (DCI) support, low latency, and 25G speeds met the project’s demanding requirements.
  2. Matrox ConductIP for Routing and Orchestration: Matrox ConductIP played a critical role in routing and orchestrating SMPTE ST 2110 sources on Fuse’s internal network, an essential aspect of the workflow.
  3. Matrox Extio™ 3 for Remote Operation and Control: With a control room housing 30 computers and just one programmer and two technicians managing the video for the show, Fuse deployed Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders. These allowed operators to access multiple computers from one remote workstation, simplifying control and enhancing efficiency.

The unfamiliarity of the SMPTE ST 2110 workflow was overcome with Matrox Video’s ST 2110 training and expertise, enabling Fuse to quickly adapt to the new technology.

Ryan Middlemiss, Fuse Technical Group’s director of media servers, praised the trust and relationship built with Matrox Video, stating, “Ultimately, I felt comfortable investing in Matrox Video because I trusted the people behind it.”

Matrox Video’s core technology extends beyond the highlighted components, contributing to the overall success of the Sphere SMPTE ST 2110 workflow.

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