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Dejero: A Catalyst of Connectivity

Posted on Apr 20, 2024 by FEED Staff

Combining more than a decade of experience and solutions in the cellular broadcast field with its award-winning Smart Blending Technology™, Dejero is a 5G front-runner

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5G technology is a transformative force within the media and entertainment space, having revolutionised the way content is produced, distributed and consumed.

Its growing significance has largely stemmed from a capacity to achieve unprecedented speed and connectivity, ushering in a new era of immersive and interactive experiences for live productions.

Driven by its vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero is an expert in the field, providing resilient, uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical comms.

Using powerful network aggregation technology, it combines diverse telecommunication networks – like 4G/5G cellular and GEO/MEO/LEO satellite – to deliver reliable and enhanced coverage for global customers.

“5G promises higher bandwidth and lower latency,” introduces Cameron Smith, chief technology officer at Dejero. “Both of those bring the potential for real-time interactivity – between the talents on the remote location and at the station, post-production tools in the cloud – and even the possibility for more interactivity between the viewers and content creators.”

What’s on offer?

Dejero has been a rising star in the cellular broadcast field, consistently delivering low-latency connectivity with its family of EnGo mobile transmitters, even in the toughest conditions.

“We have several 5G transmitters, and EnGo 3x is our latest,” continues Smith. “It’s a mobile video transmitter that supports multicamera live remote production. So you can plug four cameras into it, synchronising the frames on all of them. This makes it easier for the post-production team to switch between cameras.

“It functions as an internet gateway for data connectivity. If somebody is recording or editing footage and they need to upload it back to the station, they can use the EnGo for that.”

Unlike competing solutions, EnGo 3x features resilient wireless technology to achieve faster speeds.

With this redesigned RF and antenna isolation, the 3x offers greater reliability, especially in areas where the cellular signal strength is weak.

“That holds true for all of the EnGo 3 family,” Smith expands. “Our RF and antenna design, along with our industry-leading LTE and 5G performance, has always had positive feedback from customers in challenging environments like crowded city centres.”

Connectivity in Paris

Every four years, the industry is struck by a feat of broadcast innovation through the Olympics.

As Paris 2024 fast approaches, we can’t help but wonder how crucial a role 5G might play – and if it’s up to the task.

“One of our technical account managers has been testing around the Olympic sites,” explains Smith. “He’s found that 5G coverage is actually quite good around the city, and we have discovered that the EnGo 3 would perform well there.

“If we look at past examples, like the Queen’s funeral in 2022, which was one of the most densely covered events in recent history, the locations were very congested. One of the things we did to help was set up a private Wi-Fi network, with blended Starlink and cellular backhaul.

“We allowed customers to connect to this, in addition to the cellular connections the EnGo normally has, giving them another connection option.”

The secret sauce to Dejero products is its patented Smart Blending Technology. Its transmitters intelligently combine multiple network connections in real time to produce enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth capacity.

“To us, it seems like there’s more and more ways of creating engaging content and being able to distribute it across an even broader range of platforms,” concludes Smith. “Especially when you start to add in augmented reality platforms, all of this is going to accelerate with 5G technology.”

The M&E industry is shifting on the axis of 5G, with innovation moving at an unprecedented pace. By leveraging its potential, stakeholders can create richer, more interactive experiences, expand their audience reach and unlock growth opportunities. 

This sponsored editorial was first published in the Spring 2024 issue of FEED.

Dejero EnGo 3 | 5G Mobile Transmitter and Internet Gateway

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