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2023: This Year in Broadcast

Posted on Mar 23, 2023 by FEED Staff

At FEED, we know what we have our sights set on for 2023 in the world of Broadcast. Do you? 

Words by Verity Butler

2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the broadcast, sports and online video sectors.

Perhaps the most history-defining moment will be the first European coronation of the 21st century, with the crowning of King Charles III taking place 6 May. Predicted to be a record-breaking broadcast, the soaring viewership numbers will be reminiscent of his mother’s crowning – one of the first major events to be internationally televised live.

On the other side of the globe, 2023 sees the Thai general election, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in India and the postponed 19th edition of the Asian Games.

Another major date in the sporting calendar is the Fifa Women’s World Cup, co-hosted by the nations of Australia and New Zealand. Following on from the resounding success of the Uefa Women’s Euro 2022, each passing year brings women’s sports further to the forefront.

Several key M&E milestones have transpired already. The Walt Disney Company’s 100 Years of Wonder celebrations for its landmark centenary later began on 27 January at Disneyland resorts globally. The Australian Open tennis tournament has been and gone, and the Oscars will take place just days after this issue goes to press.

Those are the global events, but what about the industry events?

In the coming year, FEED will get more hands-on with trade shows than ever before. Check out some of the topics, trends and events we’ll be part of in 2023.



Europe’s premier AV systems integration exhibition, Integrated Systems Europe, took place this year in its new home at Fira Barcelona for another epic expo. Since the very first ISE in 2004, the event has gone from strength to strength each year – and it was fantastic for the FEED team to touch base with exhibitors face to face for the first time in 2023.


2023 marks 100 years since the first meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters. Celebrating its centenary at this year’s NAB Show, it can lay claim to witnessing the full evolution of broadcast and AV technology. From sound to picture, analogue to digital and static to immersive, the show is a personification of broadcast tech’s 100-year rollercoaster ride. The FEED team will take to the Las Vegas halls from 15-19 April.

The Media Production and Technology Show

The Media Production and Technology Show (MPTS) is back in business for its seventh year running at London’s Olympia from 10 to 11 May. Launched in 2016, it has rapidly cemented its position as the UK’s largest event for the media and broadcast industries. The initial concept was centred around the creative side of content, however the show quickly transformed into the UK hub of technological innovation we see now. 


Opening its doors 16-18 May at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the FEED team are proud media partners for this year’s event. Acting as the MEASA region’s leading show for innovation and engaging experiences in the content, broadcast, satellite and pro AV communities, CABSAT is an exciting place to boost your business needs.

Broadcast Asia

Serving as Asia’s largest broadcast-technology stage, Broadcast Asia brings together the most influential regional broadcasters and media and entertainment professionals. Filling the Singapore Expo show floor from 7-9 June, make sure to grab your latest copy of FEED while you’re there!


We can’t wait to catch up with everyone at 2023’s IBC. Despite some controversies surrounding the show, it still stands as Europe’s top broadcast and AV trade event, and is an unmissable stop on this year’s event route map. Top tip for UK visitors: get the Eurostar instead of flying…

NAB Show New York

Half a year after Las Vegas and on the other side of the continent, NAB Show New York is where the broadcast, media and entertainment professionals of the east coast gather. Rediscover ways to get more creative and efficient with the tools of your trade from 25-26 October.

Buzzword bingo!


There’s a reason that this issue is bursting at the seams with all things FAST. Free ad-supported streaming TV channels have proliferated internet-connected TVs in households all across the globe, and are one of the largest cash generators in
the broadcast stratosphere. 


Not vastly dissimilar to the topic of FAST, connected TVs (CTVs) are also a piping-hot topic of conversation to watch out for in the coming year. CTVs are devices that are embedded into televisions in order to support video content streaming. Examples include Xbox, Playstation and Roku.


A word that succinctly sums up the impact of the above two trends is cord-cutting. A quite disturbingly clinical-sounding term, it concerns the swathes of customers cancelling traditional cable and satellite subscriptions in favour of using streaming or VOD platforms.


Didn’t you hear? The world wide web is a thing of the past. Web3, otherwise known as Web 3.0, is a term that refers to the next stage of the internet. It promotes decentralised protocols and has ambitions to reduce the current web’s dictatorship-style dependency on large tech monopolisers like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon.


After last year’s earth-shaking release of AI image generator Dall-E 2 (covered in FEED’s autumn 2022 issue), OpenAI returned with the release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 – now the internet’s best-known language-processing AI model and capable of generating eerily human-like text.


Distribution is part of everyday broadcast life. But it’s about to get… crazy. The idea involves using OTT technology, but to present the opposite of linear TV experience. OTT hyper-distribution democratises access to content and allows the audience to tailor viewing experiences to their own needs. 

The Cloud

This must be the buzzword record holder. Whether you’re sick to death of hearing about it or not, the omnipresence of the cloud will only accelerate. Broadcasters and networks are making a cloud transition their number-one priority, more than ever before. Whether it’s to tick the sustainability checkbox or save on costs, we have become increasingly saturated with cloud-based solutions.


A new standard for the creation of content. With the addition of HTML5, live and adaptive bit-rate streaming of video can be accomplished in an HTML5-compliant web browser without need of a third-party plug-in. 


Certainly not a brand-new abbreviation, but definitely a consistent in its presence, Network Device Interface is a high-performance standard that was developed by NewTek, letting anyone use real-time, ultra-low-latency video on existing IP networks.

Vertical Video

We talked about it last year and we are talking about it this year. Vertical video and short-form streaming content have permeated into the social media and video stratospheres. 

Second screen

A direct result of the buzz about vertical video, the phrase ‘second screen’ refers to any device (often a phone) being used while watching television. In other words, every advertiser’s worst nightmare.


Last, but by no means least, sustainability continues to reign as the most concerning topic on everyone’s minds. Every year marks more destruction mercilessly inflicted on our planet and its ecosystems. What is your workplace doing to help right now? 

For more from us at FEED, check out the latest issue – spring 2023.

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