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Adobe brings AI to Voice Localisation

How Adobe is breaking language barriers

Translate dialogue into multiple languages while preserving tone and lip movements with Adobe’s new Dubbing & Lip Sync tool

In a move set to revolutionise the landscape of video content localisation, Adobe has unveiled a sneak peek of its latest generative AI innovation: Dubbing & Lip Sync.

This cutting-edge technology aims to simplify the process of translating video dialogue into different languages seamlessly.

The Dubbing & Lip Sync model harnesses the power of generative AI to facilitate effortless translation of spoken dialogue in videos.

Users need only upload their footage, and the AI takes charge, swiftly transforming the dialogue into various languages while preserving the original voice, tone, cadence, and even lip movements.

This tool has the potential to be a game-changer for content creators and businesses seeking to connect with global audiences more effectively.

With Dubbing & Lip Sync, the barrier of language is significantly reduced, allowing for seamless communication with international viewers while maintaining the authenticity of the original content.

Adobe emphasises that the development and deployment of Dubbing & Lip Sync align with its responsible AI approach.

As the technology progresses and nears its official release, further details will be provided, ensuring transparency and ethical usage of AI in content creation.

Dubbing & Lip Sync marks a significant milestone in the realm of AI-driven content localisation, promising a future where language barriers no longer hinder global communication through video content.

With Adobe at the forefront of this innovation, the possibilities for creative expression and audience engagement are boundless.

Watch the YouTube video below: