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Adobe Brings Creative Power to Apple Vision Pro

Explore the future of photography and design with Adobe’s innovative features

Adobe introduces powerful creative tools and generative AI support for Apple Vision Pro, enabling users to seamlessly bring their visions to life

In the wake of the recent launch of Apple Vision Pro, Adobe has proudly announced the integration of its renowned creative tools and generative AI support for this spatial computing device.

Adobe’s move includes providing generative AI capabilities to Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to leverage Adobe Firefly for the creation of text-to-image content. Firefly, part of Adobe’s family of generative AI models, is tailored for safe commercial use.

One of the key features Adobe brings to Apple Vision Pro is the ability to create artwork on large displays, enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, Firefly enables users to arrange images in various contexts, allowing for placement on walls, desks, and real-world spaces. Future capabilities include generating wrap-around panoramas, 360-degree environments, and more.

To ensure transparency in content and data, Adobe incorporates Content Credentials, a free open-source technology functioning as a “nutrition label” for digital content. This labeling system is automatically attached and embedded in all content created with Adobe Firefly on Apple Vision Pro.

Adobe Lightroom is now accessible on Apple Vision Pro, offering users an immersive photo editing experience. This feature allows for larger-scale photo edits, detailed adjustments, and the exploration of wide-frame panoramic images or video memories, with promises of additional features in the future.

For those looking to expand their creative horizons, Adobe Fresco and Behance are also made available on Apple Vision Pro, empowering users with new and innovative creative experiences.