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NABiQ Ignites 2024 NAB Show

NABiQ is gearing up to revolutionize the 2024 NAB Show, infusing innovation with virtual challenges and creative energy, setting the stage for a dynamic online brainstorm

Header image Courtesy: NAB Show

In an effort to elevate innovation and foster collaboration, NABiQ, the dynamic innovation sprint and creative networking event, is gearing up for its third consecutive year at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show.

Scheduled for April 13-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, the event promises an enhanced experience for industry professionals.

Due to its popularity, NABiQ is expanding its offerings to include virtual challenges leading up to the show, aiming to provide purposeful networking opportunities.

NABiQ distinguishes itself as an education and networking platform, designed to facilitate collaboration, idea-sharing, and problem-solving within the industry.

Structured like a hackathon, participants form small groups to address challenges related to the three show pillars: Create, Connect, and Capitalize.

In a new development for 2024, NABiQ is introducing live challenges on the NAB Amplify online community platform before the main event.

The digital three-part series of Deep Dives will explore topics on the future of AI, covering content creation, content delivery, and audience engagement and interaction.

What’s on:

The first live workshop, scheduled for January 25 at 1 p.m. (EST), focuses on the Create community.

Led by program coordinator Maria Duloquin and joined by NAB Amplify Senior Editor Emily Reigart, the event will include discussions on unlocking the potential of Generative AI.

The in-person brainstorm series at NAB Show, set for April 14-16, will bring together media professionals for 12 brainstorming sessions.

Each session will culminate in a daily, one-minute pitch presented live on stage, followed by a happy hour reception for additional networking.

Chris Brown, executive vice president and managing director of NAB’s Global Connections and Events, highlighted the community’s reliance on passion, creativity, and collaboration. He emphasized that purposeful networking within this dynamic framework fosters innovative thinking, creating a more meaningful experience and deeper connections.

Key dates:

January 25: NABiQ Deep Dive: Unlock GenAI in Content Creation

February 29: NABiQ Deep Dive: Redefine the Future of AI Content Delivery

March 28: NABiQ Deep Dive: Drive the AI-Era of Audience Engagement

April 14-17: NABiQ Brainstorm – Four daily sessions plus Happy Hour Pitch Showcase

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