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Amarin TV Elevates Live News Experience with Pixotope Virtual Production

Amarin TV Elevates Live News

Amarin TV in Thailand has embraced Pixotope’s virtual production solutions, enhancing their live news broadcasts with immersive visuals and interactive elements, providing a unique blend of information and entertainment for their audience

Pixotope Virtual Production Solutions Enhance News Broadcasting

Amarin TV in Thailand has undergone a transformative upgrade in its live news broadcasts, incorporating Pixotope virtual production solutions from the renowned Oslo-based company. Pixotope, a leading provider of end-to-end virtual production solutions, has introduced a platform enabling immersive and interactive news segments, allowing presenters to seamlessly engage with virtual elements in real time.

Visual Impact and Cost-Effectiveness

Motivated by the desire to distinguish its live news broadcasts and elevate storytelling, Amarin TV chose Pixotope’s platform for its ability to deliver visually impactful content, reminiscent of high-end feature films, in a cost-effective turnkey package. This decision allows Amarin TV to effortlessly produce captivating graphics for data visualisation, immersive storytelling, and innovative advertising opportunities while seamlessly integrating with existing technology.

Adapting News Content for Entertainment Value

Amarin TV, a venture by Amarin Printing and Publishing Plc, focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and news programming. Faced with the challenge of adapting information-heavy news content to match the creative and entertaining format desired by their audience, Amarin TV sought a solution that seamlessly blends factual news delivery with entertainment value.

Effortless Control and Integration

Mr Cheewapat Nathalang, CTO of Amarin TV, highlighted the unique challenge faced in delivering factual news-based information without compromising on entertainment value. Pixotope’s virtual production platform significantly reduces the learning curve for Amarin TV’s team, providing a streamlined workflow and optimised production process. The no-code, drag-and-drop approach allows easy control and management of technical aspects in a single, visually intuitive interface.

Seamless Transitions and Immersive Experiences

Pixotope Graphics – AR/VS Edition empowers Amarin TV to transition seamlessly between different scenes and sets in real time, reducing downtime between shows. The Talent Tracking feature enables the simultaneous tracking of multiple talents without the need for a green screen, facilitating the creation of immersive, interactive news segments where presenters engage with virtual elements in real time.

A Leap into the Future of Broadcasting

Stephen Wong, Sales Director, SEA at Pixotope, emphasised the transformative impact of the collaboration, stating, “It’s more than an upgrade – it’s a leap into the future of media production where immersive, interactive, and captivating content is the norm rather than the exception.”

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