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The Scottish Parliament Enhances Broadcast with Hitomi

Experience flawless audio-visual alignment in The Scottish Parliament’s broadcasts with Hitomi’s MatchBox technology

In a bid to elevate the quality of their parliamentary broadcasts, The Scottish Parliament has implemented Hitomi Broadcast’s MatchBox system, a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle audio-visual synchronisation challenges.

As hybrid working models became the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Scottish Parliament encountered issues with lip-sync discrepancies and video delays during their sessions. To rectify these challenges, they turned to Hitomi’s MatchBox technology, renowned for its precision and reliability in the broadcasting industry.

The MatchBox system, comprising both the MatchBox Generator and MatchBox Analyser, was deployed to calibrate the newly enhanced broadcast center at The Scottish Parliament. Additionally, the system included a license for the MatchBox Glass app, allowing for precise lip-sync and video timing alignment using a simple iOS device. This comprehensive approach ensured that multiple cameras and screens in the chamber were precisely synchronised to deliver a coherent viewing experience for Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and remote viewers alike.

In tandem with the implementation of Hitomi’s MatchBox system, The Scottish Parliament made significant upgrades to their audio infrastructure. They integrated one of Europe’s largest Dante audio networks, connecting custom-designed Glensound conferencing consoles. Managed by bespoke software from Squared Paper, this state-of-the-art sound setup enhances audio management critical for hybrid working environments.

Russell Johnson, Director at Hitomi Broadcast, highlighted the efficacy of the MatchBox solution, stating, “Our solution has enabled the parliamentary engineers to measure quickly and accurately, adjusting where necessary, audio and video timings. These objective measurements ensure repeatable quality broadcasts proven to be of the highest standard.”

Bill Ward, Head of Broadcasting at The Scottish Parliament, lauded the MatchBox system for its intuitive features and rapid, precise measurement capabilities, emphasising its role in fine-tuning video and audio synchronisation to enhance broadcast operations.

The implementation of Hitomi’s MatchBox technology underscores The Scottish Parliament’s commitment to delivering high-quality parliamentary broadcasts amidst evolving working environments.

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