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Simplify your live streaming

Posted on Jun 1, 2020 by FEED Staff

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Video streaming is becoming an important part of every organisation and business. AJA has devices to make high-quality streaming easy for everyone

A surge in consumer access to high-end OTT and streaming content is driving demand for quality streaming across industries. As corporations give more support to remote work environments, global events go virtual, distance learning gains momentum and religious organisations seek new ways to reach congregations, demand for high-quality live streaming workflows has shot up.

Streaming live video offers content creators a host of benefits. Live transmission of corporate presentations, religious services, events or meetings provides instantaneous video to audiences, in addition to options for instant media playback and on-demand viewing. The amount of physical memory required for optimal viewing is ideal for smartphones or tablets, as only a small portion of the streaming media file is stored at any one time. Additionally, content creators have complete control over media viewing rights to prevent pirating or unauthorised copying of streams.

While the hardware and AV requirements for professional-level streaming imply complexity, AJA Video Systems’ Io and KONA I/O devices provide simplified paths to affordable, broadcast-quality live streams. Io 4K Plus is a Thunderbolt 3-connected capture and output device with 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0, while Io 4K offers 3G-SDI and HDMI via Thunderbolt 2. The versatile KONA family of PCIe desktop cards includes the KONA 5, with four 12G-SDI inputs in an eight-lane PCIe 3.0 card, and KONA 4 offering four 3G-SDI inputs for four channels of HD input. KONA 1 provides cost-effective input from a single 3G-SDI source, while KONA HDMI offers up to four HDMI inputs simultaneously. All of these solutions are capable of driving broadcast-grade live streams, feature compatibility with popular streaming applications and support live switching between multiple sources up to 4K/Ultra HD.

Aja’s i/o solutions feature professional connectivity

AJA’s I/O solutions feature professional connectivity for streamlined integration into any workflow, with support for a wide range of applications for streaming and live production, including Wirecast, vMix, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Unreal Engine, and Medialooks MFormats SDK, MPlatform SDK and Video Transport. When paired with a switching application, KONA- and Io-based systems are capable of functioning as production switchers, enabling users to toggle between multiple SDI or HDMI cameras and content sources to create a more dynamic visual experience for audiences. The use of applications like vMix or Wirecast enables easy insertion of graphics, presentations and transitions into streams for more engaging content.

Inserting presentations into live streams to enrich visual content is also easily accomplished via integrating AJA’s ROI family of scan converters. ROI converts any presentation running on a laptop or workstation to SDI or HDMI output in any desired HD resolution or frame rate. Combining this capability with Io or KONA devices offers one-man operations a simple way to ingest a camera feed and a computer-based presentation into their streaming system at the same raster size and frame rate, for compatibility, easy switching and professional-looking delivery.

Live aid AJA Video Systems’ Io and KONA I/O devices enable users to toggle between multiple SDI or HDMI cameras and content sources

To maximise source inputs, AJA enables users to seamlessly combine multiple KONA cards and Thunderbolt devices within a workstation for simultaneous switching and delivery to a CDN or social media platform. For online learning, educators can switch between multiple camera sources to display a range of presentation materials to enhance lessons. In house-of-worship environments, live switching between camera feeds of sermons and musical performers can augment religious services. The flexibility of these devices also streamlines workflows for government or news organisations to ensure the public receives broadcast-quality content from multiple sources.

For the added value of immediate video on-demand, add the Ki Pro GO H.264 recorder and player into the source input chain, prior to feed delivery to KONA or Io. Within a half-rack 2RU form factor, Ki Pro GO captures up to four simultaneous channels of H.264, with configurations for ISO records. Integrating Ki Pro GO into the workflow to capture ISO feeds provides a recording for immediate VOD delivery after an event, as well as a redundant recording in case of any bandwidth or delivery issues during live streaming.

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This article first appeared in the May 2020 issue of FEED magazine.

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