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Newtek’s New Era of Content Creation: TriCaster® 2 Elite

Posted on Jun 23, 2023 by FEED Staff

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The need to support pandemic-era streaming productions was the initial impetus for Broadley Studio to invest in a NewTek TriCaster® 2 Elite. Now, it’s fundamental to the company’s day-to-day infrastructure

In many ways, the pandemic was a catalyst to explore new technology and ways of working. It provided a chance to put streaming to the test – to deliver events for corporate and broadcast applications.

London-based Broadley Studio can certainly attest to the evolving expectations around streaming productions. Founder and managing director Richard Landy indicates that the company’s approach to streaming began to crystallise several years ago with its purchase of a NewTek TriCaster® Mini content creation system: “We’d had various ways of putting systems together over the years, and that had often been a bit of a challenge. But when we got our first TriCaster, we suddenly had a solution that provided all we needed in one box – allowing us to mix multiple camera feeds and stream everything via one easy piece of equipment.”

The arrival of the pandemic – and, in particular, an upsurge in the number of complex productions – prompted Landy’s team to undertake a review.  “People were becoming more demanding; there was an expectation that the solution we delivered be completely fail-safe.”

Ultimately, the business decided to commence an extensive revamp that included overhauling the network infrastructure. Broadley Producer Arjun Pala recalls: “We upgraded from Cat5 to Cat6 cable throughout the building, which revolutionised our use of Dante and NDI® networking technologies. We can really buzz things around the building with ease, and tasks that would have been impossible before are now very achievable.”

Optimising the use of NDI is certainly one of the key advantages of Broadley’s other major investment – a NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite. Described as the most complete video production platform available today, the TriCaster 2 Elite establishes new standards for what can be achieved with a single system. Its improved features are: increased streaming power, quality monitoring, the NDI TriCaster app for Android, NDI Genlock, an Audio Mixer and Neural Voice Isolation capabilities.

“The whole lockdown period allowed us to take advantage of some of the features NewTek has implemented using NDI,” says Pala. “It makes it very easy to have remote workflows and send signals anywhere. If someone wants to watch, you simply send a feed out. The TriCaster 2 Elite also allows flexible working not only in the sense of the feed, but the ability to have people operating in different rooms, contributing from afar.”

The TriCaster 2 Elite has also yielded the necessary streaming power to cope with a number of demanding projects. As Landy recalls: “Some of the streams that we were doing with one customer began at 9am, finished at 6pm and involved multiple remote callers, virtual sets and a whole myriad of complexity. There’s no room for error there, so the TriCaster 2 Elite gave us the robustness we needed.”

Broadcast technology reseller Altered Images provided support during the purchasing and installation phase, but all in all it has been a remarkably smooth process. Pala notes he “became comfortable and familiar with the features very quickly,” while Landy says the system has “paid for itself already! At the moment, we’re using it every week for a sports show that is being streamed globally and is part of a multifaceted digital offering including social media content edits. It’s this sort of project that exemplifies all of the benefits we have gained from investing in a TriCaster 2 Elite.” 

Originally published in the Summer 2023 issue of FEED.

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