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Remote Production with Riedel

Posted on May 20, 2024 by FEED Staff

A remote revolution

Remote production is changing broadcast as we know it. Cost-effective, efficient and versatile workflows are redefining content creation

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In recent years, remote production has revolutionised the broadcast and live production landscape, offering a forward-thinking solution to the challenges of on-site event coverage.

By enabling the capture, control and integration of live event feeds from distant venues back to a central studio or production facility, remote production addresses the need for cost efficiency, resource optimisation and quality maintenance in a rapidly evolving industry.

Riedel Communications offers expertise along with a holistic suite of solutions that unify remote live video production.

Its integrated approach combines the strengths of the Simplylive Production Suite, MediorNet media network and the Artist intercom ecosystem to deliver a seamless experience from capture to distribution.

This synergy enables broadcasters and production teams to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and flexibility, delivering high-quality live content from any location across the globe.

At the venue

MediorNet picks up and distributes all camera signals as well as commentary and talent audio and transports tally signals to keep production crews in sync.

Communication within the production team is facilitated by Riedel’s wired Artist and wireless Bolero intercom systems, which provide clear and reliable duplex communication channels.

Bolero’s unrivalled audio quality even allows users to employ the system to capture interview audio.

The bridge between the venue and the remote production control room is constructed by Riedel’s Venue Gateway solution.

This robust connectivity platform is capable of transporting high-definition SRT video streams over standard internet connections, ensuring a reliable and efficient link that maintains the integrity and quality of the live feed across long distances.

The Venue Gateway offers eight bidirectional channels per unit in order to transport the SRT video feeds to and from the venue effortlessly.

In the control room

The Simplylive Production Suite is the nucleus of operations, providing comprehensive tools for video and audio mixing, replays and the integration of dynamic graphics; it even comes with an integrated Web Multiviewer.

This powerful suite also supports the creation of highlights, ensuring key moments can easily be made available as highlight clips, and includes a master recorder to manage the archival of content.

Communication and control across the Artist intercom ecosystem are handled by its multifunctional SmartPanel user interfaces, which can simultaneously serve as intercom, control and audio monitoring panels.

Riedel is the one-stop shop for all remote production needs.

Together, its integrated solutions empower broadcasters and production teams to deliver captivating live content to global audiences – all while greatly reducing operational costs.

Riedel can transform remote production aspirations into reality, setting new standards for live video production. 

This feature was first published in the Spring 2024 issue of FEED.

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