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Posted on May 30, 2022 by FEED Staff

FEED Xtreme Sept/Oct 2022 – Web

FEED‘s popular sports section Xtreme has flown the nest and officially launched as an individual brand and magazine!

Head to the Xtreme website here!

As one of the top news and information sources for the broadcast industry, FEED has always made sports coverage a priority. The section (called Xtreme) dealt with the latest news, as well as case studies, interviews, round tabkes and analysis from the world of sports and action media.

With more FEED readers – and partners – taking an interest, the section grew bigger until… well, we’re proud to announce that Xtreme has outgrown the confines of FEED magazine and is finally ready to go into the world as its own B2B brand.

FEED:Xtreme is a bimonthly magazine, accompanied by content across multiplemedia – including video, web and events. Whether you’re a broadcaster, a stadium, an esports company, a college conference or even a high school team, Xtreme will offer you case studies, tech profiles, research and expert opinion to help take your media to the next level.

So what can you look forward to in Xtreme?


Game Zone

Xtreme’s ever-popular Game Zone section will continue, with even more coverage of esports, gaming and digital competition. From lone Twitch streamers to fully VR enabled combat in virtual environments, the video gaming sector is a wellspring of new content – watched by a fan base that dwarfs most conventional sports. Game Zone will educate on esports trends, while illustrating how gaming can be turned into content in surprising and lucrative ways.

Live broadcast

Live is at the core of sports broadcast. Delivering action as it happens is more than just getting the perfect shot. It’s the right workflows, communications and distribution partners. There’s only one chance to capture a goal. Miss it, and you’re fighting off a lot of angry fans – and advertisers. Learn how the experts are innovating the pitch and in the studio, using everything from cellular networks to satellite, bringing audiences closer. Live broadcast is in a whole new realm, with remote production and cloud-based tools replacing dispatched crews and OB vehicles. This plus other innovations around lighting, power and smart vehicles, means that the sector is getting greener!


Of course, it’s ‘stadia’, not ‘stadiums’ – as you well know. The word ‘stadium’ originally indicated a measure of length about 1/8 of a Roman mile – around 180 metres – and was derived from the Greek ‘stadion’ meaning both a running race in the original Olympics and the building in which that race was run, and the length of that race (again around 180m).

Events today aren’t that different from 750 BC Greece. What has changed now is that spectators can enjoy the screen with big screen A/V, interactive mobile content, pre- and post-game initiatives, and ever-expanding connectivity and production. Whether it’s a school football pitch or a one-of-a-kind international event space, Xtreme‘s coverage and insight around stadium tech will help you to build the best live experience possible for fans.

OTT & streaming

Easily available streaming platforms mean that even a small sports brand can reach people globally. Whether broadcasting via social media, or through your own platform servicing millions of fans, Xtreme will introduce you to technologies and techniques to leverage everything internet distribution has to offer. The majority of fans are now ready to access content on multiple devices, via streaming and on-demand. This is an amazing opportunity for entrants into sports media to interact in newer or better ways – offering a different level of engagement for existing broadcasters, clubs and federations.

Coaching from the experts

In every issue, Xtreme talks with top innovators about new ways of getting sports action to audiences, building revenue and staying on the cutting-edge of content creation. We sit down with broadcasters, heads of leagues, clubs and federations, technologists, start-up innovators and, of course, athletes.

Round tables discuss fan engagement,  workflows, sustainability or esports. Provocative conversations yield important insights. Not just for readers, but also the participants.

On the same team

Sports can inspire us to rally around a community, or just get out the door and challenge ourselves. Contrary to the misinformed opinions of a few, sports has always been a force for social and political influence. The intiative of individual athletes can encourage society to do better. Muhammad Ali’s outspoken protests against war and racism cost himhis title, but became an inspiration for human rights activists around the world. Today, organisations and athletes are increasingly vocal about issues like gender equity, racial justice, and bringing people together to take on the biggest challenge humanity has faced – environmental collapse. Xtreme brings you those stories of how sports media is being used to make the world better.

Head to the Xtreme website here!

Sales contacts: 

Emma Stevens, [email protected]

Sam Scott-Smith, [email protected]

Editorial contacts:

Neal Romanek, [email protected]

Verity Butler, [email protected]

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