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How Brainstorm Makes Production Easy

Posted on Apr 13, 2024 by FEED Staff

Virtual production without breaking the bank

A common misconception of virtual production is that it comes with a weighty price tag. But, as Brainstorm demonstrates, it doesn’t have to be that way

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When thinking about virtual production (VP), many associate it closely with movie blockbusters or costly productions.

But, at its core, it is creating content by mixing real and hyper-realistic virtual content.

Therefore, such material doesn’t necessarily require high-end resources and workflows to be produced, as current technology allows for creating high-quality yet cost-effective virtual content.

VP can also be scalable, ranging from simpler set-ups with a fixed camera, a green screen and a software solution – such as Brainstorm’s Edison – or gradually increase its complexity by using high-end tracked cameras, large LED videowalls and more.

Indeed, VP must align with the client’s needs and available resources (budget and technology-wise), and this is where PTZ cameras come into play.

These cameras offer video and tracking information while keeping the complexities of cost and workflow contained, unlike a typical set-up with pricey tracking systems and high-end cameras and lenses.

By using PTZ cameras and smart techniques like XR set extension, users can create immersive sets with just a small LED videowall; when using chroma screens, the flexibility is even greater in many cases.

At ISE 2024, Brainstorm and Canon exhibited scalable VP solutions on a budget.

They demonstrated the use of fixed cameras such as the Canon EOS R8 paired with Brainstorm’s Edison to create virtual set environments with virtual camera movements, ideal for corporate presentations.

Additionally, a PTZ set-up with a Canon CR-N700 and Brainstorm’s InfinitySet, alongside an Alfalite LED wall, showcased an advanced XR set-up.

This LED wall was merely four metres wide, but combining the CR-N700 and InfinitySet allowed for a large virtual set by using InfinitySet’s advanced XR features, including set extension.

The CR-N700 provided InfinitySet with genlock and camera tracking information – along with lens parameters such as zoom and iris details – ensuring smooth integration of set extension and additional AR elements with the real environment. 

This integration was further refined by InfinitySet’s lens distortion and colour mapping tools, resulting in a hyperrealistic render with seamless continuity between the real and virtual elements – as we should all expect for high-quality VP!

By combining the green screen and LED wall, Brainstorm and Canon also showcased advanced features like talent teletransport – demonstrating how a fixed camera in a green-screen setting could transmit the signal to InfinitySet, seamlessly integrating individuals into the real set.

This is useful for virtually transporting individuals from anywhere in the world to the set, making it invaluable for corporate presentations, remote learning or any show requiring virtual presence due to resource, time or availability constraints.

It’s easy to see the flexibility and savings this technology provides to any institution, company or content creator.

Canon’s cameras – since they share colour science and other factors – simplified matching both signals’ colour and skin tones.

This sponsored editorial was first published in the Spring 2024 issue of FEED.

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