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Norsk: Livestreaming Workflows

Posted on Apr 9, 2024 by FEED Staff

Livestreaming made easy

With the new no-code Norsk Studio, even non-programmers can build complex, dynamic livestreaming workflows

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The demand to cover live events is skyrocketing, but creating workflows remains time-consuming, costly and far from intuitive. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Today, you can buy media streaming workflows off the shelf – and this could be just what you need.

But what if it’s not? What if you want to move beyond the generic livestreamed production and create something unique for your consumers?

Creating custom user experiences is hard.

You could task a number of C++ programmers, cross your fingers and wait many months for the result.

Fine, if you can afford to wait that long, but the market won’t wait for you.

Norsk is all about removing the undifferentiated complexity from live media workflows. 

We’ve always considered consumer experience crucial. Most users don’t want to worry about the exact codec, wrapper or publishing format.

They just want to take a source, enrich it and publish it to their audience.

Norsk Low-Code SDK, launched last year, facilitates this by targeting Javascript and Typescript developers who don’t necessarily have massive, in-depth media skills. 

The Norsk SDK supports a range of inputs and outputs, as well as a number of processing and production options from audio manipulation and multi-video composition to camera switching.

It allows you to collaborate with the development team in your organisation to deliver a whole project from scratch within weeks, or even days.

Even seemingly straightforward workflows can mask huge programming complexity. Norsk takes that complexity away.

Building on those foundations, we are launching Norsk Studio. It introduces a drag-and-drop interface, but its basic premise is the same: it is for non-programmers, designed with extensibility at its core.

Open Norsk Studio and you will see a selection of inputs and outputs, just like Norsk SDK, only this time we are using a visual paradigm to further simplify the creation of custom media flows.

Visual paradigms are fantastic at allowing you to express workflows at scale without needing to dive into the nitty-gritty of how format A plugs into technology B to achieve output C.

You want to take SRT in and publish as low-latency HLS/DASH – and as WebRTC? Simple.

Add a browser overlay for sports stats? Sure. You literally drag and drop components together.

Norsk Studio does the rest.

You can be more ambitious, too. Construct workflows with multiple cameras and preview each as they come in.

Wrap in business functions, add AI services and embed specific control surfaces.

For example, you can interact with services such as MediaLive from AWS with a simple drag and drop.

What’s more, Norsk Studio will even provide fallback behaviour so that your livestream event never fails.

If none of the pre-defined components are exactly what you need, you can customise them or build your own with the SDK.

Norsk allows you to express your intent in a way that is very easy to extend.

Norsk empowers you to easily and quickly build sophisticated live media workflows to your specifications.

Going beyond simple ‘source in, ABR ladder out’ scenarios, it enables dynamic source switching, picture-in-picture, data overlays, multi-language audio, DRM and much more. 

Join us at booth W3417 at NAB for a demo of Norsk Studio to find out just how easy live can be.

This sponsored editorial was first published in the Spring 2024 issue of FEED.

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