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Expect More

Posted on Nov 26, 2023 by FEED Staff

IBC 2023 saw Qvest showcase a recently expanded service portfolio – with shiny, new practices and products for future-proof customer solutions in the M&E sector and beyond

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A brand motto that stood out from the crowd at this year’s IBC was ‘Expect more’ from Qvest. It points to the idea that, rather than having tunnel vision with your media business strategy, you should look ahead while always expecting more than the present.

With a focus on its expanded range of practices, as well as digital products, at shows like IBC and throughout its business timeline, Qvest has demonstrated a set of answers to the requirements of international customers in media, broadcasting and beyond.

A global provider

“Qvest is on a path of growth,” begins CEO Peter Nöthen. “We are continuously adding geographical regions to our footprint – this year recently saw our acquisition of tm stagetec systems in Australia, now known as Qvest Australia.”

In addition to its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Qvest spans further locations throughout Europe, USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and now Australia. 

This international reach ties into Qvest’s offering – advice and support for organisations all over the planet on all requirements for technology implementation. On top of this, it is a world-leading systems architect, ICT integrator and developer of software products in
the innovation-driven media industry.

“The entire industry needs to think more about what is coming in the next five years – where to position themselves and where their market will be,” Nöthen adds. “You can continue to think about it, or you can work with Qvest, where we offer a defined process.”

The company’s range of services is aligned to the opportunities emerging from the increasingly digital media value chain, including multiplatform content delivery, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, multi-cloud management and IP infrastructure. 

Change management champions

“We offer business organisation management, which entails management and implementation of change,” Nöthen continues. “Then comes the technical piece, where we design technology that fits the idea of what your product should be in the long term.”

At Qvest’s IBC booth, visitors were able to find comprehensive information about the company’s fields of expertise, which are now clustered into various practices.

“We design your workflow with the best offerings available to the market and bring them together into an ecosystem that becomes your product.”

Qvest practice specialists demonstrated how the company’s knowledge in areas such as foresight and innovation, digital media supply chain, OTT, product development and systems integration enables the implementation of future-proof projects. 

By employing state-of-the-art technologies and personalised consulting processes, the Qvest team offers specially tailored solutions.

Key acquisition

This continued growth path for Qvest was further emphasised by news of its most recent development. As was unveiled a short time ago, Qvest has strengthened its service portfolio through the acquisition of TeraVolt, a leading OTT developer and consultant from Hamburg.

Having established itself in the field of big-screen applications, including connected TV and personalised live sports broadcasting, it was the natural next step for TeraVolt to be welcomed into Qvest’s ecosystem.

“For many years, Qvest has been established worldwide in the media and entertainment industry – for everything up to the distribution point,” Nöthen comments. “But for this OTT platform, we had no expertise to perform that part of the chain. This is something that we have managed to change with this acquisition.”

The addition of the OTT practice to Qvest’s expertise enables it to provide customers from different industries with holistic and even more time-efficient content distribution that considers the current needs of their target groups, new media formats and channels.

“With this acquisition, we have a super-specialised team – consultants, designers, developers – with much OTT expertise: the perfect addition to our worldwide Qvest staff. Now our footprint is further expanded, through the exportation of the services and products of TeraVolt to areas like the US, Middle East and down to Australia.”

To learn more about Qvest’s products and services, head to

Originally published in the Winter 2023 issue of FEED.

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