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Open Invitation

Posted on Nov 22, 2023 by FEED Staff

Having celebrated its grand opening, CVP Fitzrovia is perfectly positioned to become a prime destination for creative professionals

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CVP is entering its next era with a new showroom to prove it. Based in London’s Fitzrovia neighbourhood, the single-storey space holds the best gear, letting production pros get their hands on equipment before making a commitment. But CVP Fitzrovia is more than shelves and display cases – it’s meant for collaboration, education and community engagement.


CVP’s new Fitzrovia building is both attractive and utilitarian. “We spent a lot of time trying to find a new place,” says Darren Simpson, sales director at CVP. “The old showroom was lovely – it just wasn’t as functional.”

First and foremost, it contains a curated selection of products, from cameras and lenses to lighting rigs and dollies. “We’re trying to use it as a destination for people to come to – DOPs, focus pullers, anyone in the industry – as a space where you can touch and feel things, rather than going on the website,” explains Simpson. “People can arrange to come in and build their own camera kits, or test different types of lenses.

“It’s an open showroom we can use every day – without having to dismantle,” adds Simpson. “We’ll have events and workshops – all relevant to the industry.” This includes virtual production sessions with a lighting rig and LED volume.

CVP Fitzrovia promises to stay busy with regular events, listed chronologically on the CVP website. “The plan is to have at least two or three workshops running out of here, per week. There will always be something going on.”


CVP’s doors are open to all, whether they’re London-based or travelling from afar. “It’s an easy place to get to,” explains Simpson, given its proximity to King’s Cross, St Pancras and even Heathrow. During its grand opening alone, CVP welcomed guests from Liverpool, Malta and the US. It’s also fairly accessible, lacking the precarious staircases of old London townhouses. 

For locals, CVP’s central London address makes it ideal for filmmakers wanting to invest time in checking out equipment and being inspired by some of the many experiences slated to occur within the space. There’s an enclosed meeting area which is less distracting than the office or a coffee shop, but more laid back than a library. 

“We have extra desks for manufacturers and have even had interest from people who just don’t want to work from home,” says Simpson. With an appointment or booking secured, this is a great place to convene.


While CVP may be best-known by filmmakers, it’s not confined to one area of production. “We’re invested in broadcasting,” says Jon Fry, managing director. “We’ve been pigeonholed as a little bit cine, and there’s a reason for that – we appeal to that market.”

For broadcasts and live streams, CVP offers encoders and decoders, intercom systems, wireless monitors and cables, among other accessories. “We are brand agnostic – we sell everything,” asserts Simpson. “People ask why they should spend X amount of money more for this brand over that brand, this model over that model.”

PTZ cameras have been an especially big hit. CVP carries over 200 models, including brands like Birddog, Canon, Panasonic and Sony. For those visiting Fitzrovia, the PTZs can be found just inside the front door.


Variety, accessibility, sustainability: these are all attributable to CVP. More than simply buying and selling, “we deliver beyond boxes,” says Fry. “We actually invest an enormous amount in the service and the value.”

CVP Fitzrovia invites customers to start a conversation. “We’re not just telling people what we think they want to hear. We’re asking: what’s relevant?” admits Fry. “We’re keen, and have a bit to learn here. Come talk to us.”

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Originally published in the Winter 2023 issue of FEED.


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