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The Hottest of Hotspots with Dejero

Posted on Jun 6, 2023 by FEED Staff

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Establishing a link between the field and a newsroom is essential. But going live from any location, accessing newsroom systems and sending clips or edited packages can be a challenge without reliable internet

Words by Peter Muir, manager of professional services at Dejero

With the proliferation of news websites, apps and social media, audiences expect updates in real time. Broadcast and livestreaming productions have been using MiFi (short for Mobile Wi-Fi or ‘My Wi-Fi’) devices in the field as a portable hotspot for over a decade now. These devices carry modems that use 4G (or 5G) to connect wirelessly to the internet. Cell phones, tablets, laptops and wireless cameras in the same vicinity can connect to the same device using Wi-Fi. It’s inexpensive, so it’s no wonder MiFi has been a regular fixture for mobile broadcast and livestreaming productions since it appeared on the scene back in 2009. 

If you happen to be in an area where there is strong cellular signal available from your network provider’s local cell tower, accessing internet connectivity via MiFi to transmit live video or packaged content from a news scene, sports event or concert is perfectly possible. Certain devices even claim to be able to achieve upload speeds of 10-15Mbps (5G).

However, there are a lot of variables that need to fall into place for MiFi to deliver the hottest of hotspots.

Location: For fixed locations, it’s possible to test the site ahead of a live event. But if you’re heading to a breaking news scene in a remote area, for example, this is a variable you can’t control – and the closest operating cell tower may be too far away. That means relying on one cellular network provider will compromise reliability.

Crowd size: Even if you test the site of a fixed location ahead of an event, network congestion can have a considerable impact on signal. If hundreds or thousands of people are vying for the bandwidth from the same provider as you, it’s highly unlikely that the available internet connectivity will be viable enough to upload high-quality video or access any MAM or newsroom systems.

Carrier throttling: Network providers can put a temporary or long-term speed cap on data connection to reduce throughput.

Security: MiFi uses public domain internet, which can pose a security risk when transmitting secure – or otherwise private – data. The MiFi method of accessing internet connectivity is missing the confidence that, say, a VPN tunnel would provide.

This calls for an alternative solution. Whether you’re looking to produce more news stories, enable your field crews to do additional research or send edited packages remotely; having access to reliable, resilient internet is vital.

You can now get the reliability and throughput of a wired broadband internet connection, with the convenience, mobility and live video features you expect from a Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter, with the EnGo’s new GateWay mode.

It’s like two devices in one – live video transmission and an internet gateway – no separate hotspot or MiFi device required. Delivering an ultra-fast, reliable internet connection, it improves productivity, no matter where the team is. Unlike MiFi, which relies on one network, GateWay mode uses Smart Blending Technology to combine available network connections from diverse carriers. This increases the capacity for data-intensive applications, broadens coverage areas and enhances reliability. It also supports VPN tunnelling for secure access to your networks. 

If you’re still using MiFi for critical broadcasting or streaming, consider switching to a Dejero EnGo with GateWay mode for a supercharged hotspot. Learn more at

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