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Licence to thrill

Posted on Jul 30, 2022 by FEED Staff

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Companies can leapfrog the competition and gain a gateway to the cloud with the versatile Powered by Blackbird

Words by Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough

To put it simply, Powered by Blackbird is an opportunity. A chance for enterprise customers to licence modules of Blackbird’s video technology, while still having the freedom to design the functionality and user interface in line with the rest of their product portfolios. 

Building your platform using Blackbird core technology modules can enable the following key capabilities:

  • Flexibility to operate on-prem or in the cloud – or even a combination of the two.
  • Advanced editing, clipping and media manipulation in a browser in the cloud or on-prem.
  • Migration from CapEx to SaaS models.

It offers the speed, portability and sheer convenience for video content teams to work wherever they are, on any piece of kit. 

Whether you’re a CTO, director of engineering or content creator, you don’t have to be thinking about specialist hardware, or connection speeds. Harnessing these tools allows content to be frame-accurately viewed and edited – even seconds after being live – from anywhere on bandwidth from 2Mbps.

The professional editing space is relatively niche amidst the universal business of video communication. It involves the heavy workloads associated with shuffling media back and forth over networks – or playing video back on a multitude of connected devices. By incorporating Blackbird video tech, large media files need never be moved again.

Powered by Blackbird allows organisations to manage video like no other solution – enabling lightning-fast access to frame-accurate video editing and content publishing by anyone, anywhere, any time.

That means traditional video companies can now migrate their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. On top of this, video firms wanting to move from CapEx to SaaS business models can do so. 

For some companies, Powered by Blackbird is a more suitable solution than integrating the core product. That’s because they can host their own video applications and user interfaces in the browser and in the cloud, leapfrogging traditional application workflows at a stroke.

At its heart, Blackbird is an IP company and holds 16 patents (ten awarded, six pending) around two central tenets: the Blackbird Codec and the Blackbird Libraries. But the truly secret sauce behind your business transformation is that it’s available in the browser. Just pure SaaS.

If you aren’t making plans for cloud-native video, you may already be too late to the game.

“For those suppliers (and, we argue, those customers) wanting to enjoy the valuation levels of peers, you need to be in the cloud,” asserts principal analyst Josh Stinehour at Devoncroft. “This is reasoning from corporate objectives, although it reflects the deeper, operational benefits.”

Come and talk to us about how we can help you go cloud native and reap the benefits today. 

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This article first featured in the summer 2022 issue of FEED magazine.

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